Just a Thought.

There is a difference between strive and stride. Its good to have a goal and have that drive to reach it *strive*, but it is also very important not to jump the gun and miss what is right in front of you; having patience and the ability to be in the moment, stretch that stride […]

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Day at a Time: Grace

When you hear the word grace, what do you think of? I think of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the love that was freely given to us that day on the Cross. But… did you know that grace is only something you get a day at a time? You had grace yesterday for something […]

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Life Story in One Paragraph

Story: I took a look into the wilderness, I was scared at first. It was dark, loud noises, and it was far too cold for me to survive even one hour. But a peace washed over me as I saw a figure glowing in what looked to be the center of the wilderness. The peace […]

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Wounds vs Scars

Wounds of the past can get infected and infect other parts, but with God wounds become healed and the scars remind us of the battle won through His love and blood. I am proud of my scars and wear them in and with honor to my Lord and Savior.

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Audacious: Faith and Prayer

What is audacious faith and prayer? When I think of the word, audacious, I think of other words like; boldness, large, extreme, wild, and even crazy come to mind. For example, having audacious faith means having faith that is larger than life, faith that has no limits; prayer that is bold, prayer that seems too […]

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eGroup Meeting

What a way to end the day! Fellowshipping with my men’s eGroup. We are on week 4 of a study called Next Level. Every week we get together answer and discuss questions about daily scriptures and a weekly video. I cannot express in words how incredible it is to watch men truly grow in their […]

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